Saturday, 25 October 2008

WPF Cross-Thread Collection Binding

From the rather excellent QuantumBit Designs there are a series of articles about multithreading and collections.

The "grand solution" can be found here: WPF Cross-Thread Collection Binding - Part 4 - The Grand Solution

-Allows WPF to bind to a collection that is modified from any thread
-Allows WPF to bind to properties of items in the collection that are modified from any thread
-No lock required if used from a single worker thread
-Relatively simple (compared to some other attempts)

-Requires two lists internally
-The ObservableCollection list should not be modified
-Disposable or DependencyObjects should not be used

I've implemented the ObservableList in the test project InABind but we haven't confirmed the overhead involved of using ObservableList in place of ObservableCollection.

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