Friday, 20 February 2009

WPF transparent windows and VNC

We've found that VNC doesn't transmit any info for transparent windows in a WPF app..
So.. when we use VNC for support.. we can't see :
The logon box
The popup menus
Any MessageBoxes
Not handy…. (not sure of the solution to this yet – might be something we can do with VNC.. might be a "support skin" change.


MrTidy OTR said...

Interesting - is this with WinXP? We've seen weirdness with VNC & Vista as you describe but not yet with WinXP. I haven't specifically been working on WPF so curious if this problem spans OS's. Surely won't be a problem in Win7 :P

Anonymous said...

UltraVNC will work with WPF if you make sure that "enable alpha blending" is turned on in the VNC server component.