Monday, 10 May 2010

Drawing WPF Bezier Curves programmatically

I needed to draw a curved line between the mid-points of two shapes, centered on X1,Y1 and X2, Y2.
This method also returns a PathGeometry which is then used to determine the Intersection between the curve and the shapes.
private static PathGeometry DrawLine(Canvas canvas, double X1, double Y1, double X2, double Y2, Color color)
QuadraticBezierSegment qbs = new QuadraticBezierSegment(new Point(X2, Y1), new Point(X2, Y2), true);

PathSegmentCollection pscollection = new PathSegmentCollection();

PathFigure pf = new PathFigure();
pf.Segments = pscollection;
pf.StartPoint = new Point(X1, Y1);

PathFigureCollection pfcollection = new PathFigureCollection();

PathGeometry pathGeometry = new PathGeometry();
pathGeometry.Figures = pfcollection;

Path path = new Path();
path.Data = pathGeometry;
path.Stroke = new SolidColorBrush(color);
path.StrokeThickness = 2;
Canvas.SetZIndex(path, (int)Layer.Line);

return pathGeometry;

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